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The Municipality of Balamban is located approximately sixty four (64) kilometers northwest of Cebu City. It is bounded in the south by the City of Toledo; in the north by the Municipality of Asturias; in the west by the Tañon Strait. Its geographic coordinates are 10⁰ 24′ to 10⁰ 33′ N latitude; and 123⁰ 40′ to 123⁰ 53′ E longitude. It has a land area of 33,700 hectares divided into 28 barangays including the Poblacion.

Balamban is densely forested area except for a very small portion of land lying along the coastline. Long before the Spanish colonization, there was already a settlement which was first known as “Kagma”, meaning dry land or dry plains.

The town derived its name from native term “baling-balang” which refers to the linked arms of natives formed as improvised seat to carry/ferry the Spaniards in crossing the river. The name “baling-balang” was shortened to “bang-bang” and for unknown reasons the bang-bang was changed to balang-balang when eventually became “BALAMBAN”.

There are no definite records as to when Balamban first became a town. Its official records were destroyed during WWII. But sometime before 1798, Balamban was already an organized unit with a Spaniard Captain as its first Administrator.

In the year before October 16, 2008, the water supply system throughout the Municipality of Balamban had an independent type of water supply which was managed by different associations, cooperatives and the Barangay itself. The Poblacion areas, was managed by the Balamban Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association (BRWASA) which links five (5) barangays namely: Baliwagan, Aliwanay, Sta. Cruz/Sto Niño, Cambuhawe, Prenza and Cantu-od. The Barangay Pondol, was managed by Pondol Rural Works and Sanitation Association (PRWASA), the Barangay Buanoy, was managed by Buanoy Rural Works and Sanitation Association (BRWASA), the Barangay Abucayan, was managed by the Abucayan Mutli-purpose Cooperative, the Barangay Sing-sing, was managed by Sing-sing Multi-purpose Cooperative, the Barangay Biasong was managed by Biasong Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association, Barangay Hingatmonan, was managed by Hingatmonan Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association and the rest of the barangays was managed and run by the barangays itself.

Before the different associations and the cooperatives merge to balamban Water District (BWD), they already generate number of concessionaires ranging to about 5,301 with different water rates. The water distribution system draws its water supply from deep wells and springs treated with chlorine. Out of this deep wells and spring it draws a total rated capacity of 52 liter per second which is still enough to the populace of Balamban, because within this time the economic growth of the town was booming.

In the desire of the Local Government Unit (LGU) to uplift the socio-economic condition of the people living within the Municipality of Balamban, the latter made and initiates a study on how to upgrade the water supply system in Balamban and to meet the increasing demand of water, since the Municipality is a fast-growing municipality as far as economy is concern.

It was in the year 2008 that then Municipal Mayor, Alex S. Binghay. envisioned to create a water district in the municipality to provide safe, potable drinking water to the populace and to address the unending needs of various water associations who were asking financial assistance from the Local Government Unit for the rehabilitation of their pipelines, motor pumps, among others.

By virtue of SB resolution Number 165-208, the Sanggunian, authorize Mayor Alex S. Binghay to:

  1. Officially request the assistance of the Local water Utilities Administration (LWUA) in the creation of viable Water District in the municipality;
  2. Appoint himself and/or another competent person and/or committee and/or Consultant who shall directly coordinate with LWUA and assist in the preparation of the requirements including studies and pertinent documents;
  3. Conduct other related activities related to the creation of the said water District including the coordination with technical experts and the attendance in technical and financial meetings;
  4. Conduct all lawful and legal actions necessary leading towards the establishment of the Water District and;
  5. Submit to the Sangguniang Bayan, for the review and approval prior to its implementation, the results of the technical and financial studies and the final recommendation for the implementation of the Water District.

Thus, series of public hearings were conducted by LWUA’s representaive and the present Management Advisor of Balamban Water District, Engr. Emma Eda B. Censon with the assistance of SB Secretary Rufo A. Hayag. Honorable ALex S. Binghay was also present during the public hearings and explained to the attending public the advantages of creating a water district. Public hearings were conducted on the following dates and areas, to wit:

  1. August 22, 2008
    • Mayor Exasperanza S. Binghay Memorial Cultural Center
    • Attendees were the members of the Balamban Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association
  2. September 14, 2008
    • Buanoy Sports Complex
    • Attendees were the members of the Buanoy Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association and Arpili Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association
  3. September 21, 2008 – morning
    • Mayor Exasperanza S. Binghay Memorial Cultural Center
    • Attendees were the members of the water associations from the following areas:
      • Hingatmonan
      • Nangka
      • Immaculada
      • Combado
      • Sing-sing
      • Biasong
      • Cantibas
  4. September 21, 2008 – afternoon
    • Pondol Sports Complex
    • Attendees were the members of the Pondol Rural Waterworks and Sanitation and Abucayan Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  5. October 25, 2008
    • Barangay Biasong Chapel
    • Attendees were the Biasong Water Association

After the conduct of public hearings and the sharing of views and opinions during the activity, an overwhelming positive response from the populace was gained. All the minutes of the public hearing were presented to the Sanggunian for review and approval.

The Sanggunian then approved the creation of unified Water District upon seeing the positive response from the constituents. Documents relative to the formation of the Water District were then prepared fro submission to the Local water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

On October 10, 2008, the organizational Meeting of the new set of Board of Directors, was conducted. Honorable Alex S. Binghay presented to the LWUA represntative, Engr. Emma Eda B. Censon, the members of the Board and their respective sectors represented, to wit:

Name Sector
Sr. Ma. Belen E. Alcoseba, ICM Womens' Sector
Rizalina P. Gimena Education Sector
Bernabe Karlo O. Gonzalez III Professional Sector
Maria Ligaya S. Hayag Civic-Oriented Sector
Celestino D. Sybico III Business Sector

The members of the Board have elected among themselves the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and member. Thus, the set of officers were as follows:

Name Position
Bernabe Karlo O. Gonzalez III Chairman
Sr. Ma. Belen E. Alcoseba, ICM Vice-Chairman
Maria Ligaya S. Hayag secretary
Rizalina P. Gimena Treasurer
Celestino D. Sybico III Member

On October 16, 2008, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) issud a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC Number 622) to the Balamban Water District, thus its birth.