We are committed to carryout assessment, exploration and education towards development, preservation, ecological and sustainable water resources, accountable to uphold healthy practices in protecting and stabilizing Mother Earth.

Our competence to give good services must be improved by creating and managing public services and in advanced, creative, safe and worthwhile means and adapting to international standards.

We shall function and keep our facilities in a prime way, creating excellence a vital feature of our accomplishment.

It is then necessary to nurture a very motivated, empowered and self-oriented workforce, with a fervent spirit of teamwork, partnership, compassion, love and deal with profound professionalism and determinedly geared on productivity, efficiency and smooth working relationship with the staff, management and the consumers.


BWD envisions itself to become an innovative and a financially viable entity that provides safe, potable and affordable water and efficient sewerage system for the people of Balamban, Cebu.